Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Collaboration with Lawyers Globally

Thank you to so many of my colleagues in jurisdictions around the world for the great collaboration that we enjoyed throughout the past year in working together to handle interesting and important legal matters for appreciative clients. 
Together we prevented numerous international child abductions, recovered many internationally abducted children, protected children and parents in international crises, created strong international prenuptial agreements, strategized to solve important financial issues for internationally divorcing clients, and handled many dozens of other significant issues in this fascinating and challenging field of international family law. 
I enjoyed acting as an expert witness concerning international child custody issues in courts in many American states as well as in Australia, Canada and Hong Kong concerning the family laws of India, Egypt, Malaysia, Japan, Turkey and other countries. It was a privilege to orchestrate the drafting of international prenuptial agreements concerning as many as eight different international jurisdictions. It was fun to confer with lawyers and their clients in Japan, Panama, Brazil, Turkey, Canada, UAE, Egypt and so many European countries, as well as in so many U.S. states and numerous other jurisdictions, and to  brainstorm together a host of tricky family law issues. 
I look forward to working collaboratively with many of my old and with new colleagues in 2016.