Friday, November 18, 2022


China is a safe haven for international child abduction. I submitted a very detailed expert report to that effect and then testified remotely as an expert witness in a court in the U.S. today.

The other side conceded this essential fact.

Thursday, November 17, 2022


 Jeremy D. Morley

Children who are either citizens or legal residents of the Dominican Republic cannot be taken outside the Dominican Republic without full compliance with the Dominican Migration Department rules. This applies even for dual citizen children.

Those requirements are as follows:

1.     If the child is traveling with both parents, they merely need to show their passports.

2.     If the child is traveling with only one parent, the parent must have obtained specific prior authorization from the Dominican Migration Office, which requires the properly notarized consent of the non-traveling parent, obtained from the Dominican Attorney General's office, if the party is in the country, or the nearest Dominican Consulate if the party is outside the country. In the latter case, the counselor authorization must be apostilled by the Dominican Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Even if the traveling parent has sole custody of the child, that parent must bring the travel authorization of the other parent, unless the traveling parent has an express travel authorization issued by a Dominican court.

3.     If only the child's mother has parental rights over the child, then it is sufficient for her to produce the child's legalized birth certificate if she is accompanying the child.

These rules apply even if the child has dual nationality. They do not apply if the child has non-Dominican citizenship only.