Thursday, August 20, 2015


Jeremy D. Morley
The U.K. Government has just issued its latest “Lebanon travel advice.”
With respect to international parental child abduction in Lebanon the U.K. Government has issued the following specific warning:
Child Abduction
One of the most common requests for consular assistance in Lebanon is from British mothers seeking help in overturning travel bans placed on their children or themselves by their fathers or husbands. Lebanese family law is very different from UK law and particular care is needed if child custody becomes an issue. If you have concerns about child custody you should seek advice before travelling to Lebanon about ‘travel bans’ that can be imposed by male heads of family. Even you or your child holds a British passport you may be Lebanese automatically by descent and subject to Lebanese laws and regulations. Any child travelling without their father (even if the mother is accompanying them) may need to provide proof that permission to travel has been given by the child’s father.

For further information see NOTES ON LEBANON AND CHILD ABDUCTION by Jeremy D. Morley,