Friday, December 17, 2010

Abducted Children Returned from India

We have succeeded twice in recent weeks in securing the return to their homes in the United States of children who were abducted by a parent to India. 

The results were not accomplished through the Indian legal system, which is generally not helpful in this area. Instead we used less formal means of applying appropriate pressure to achieve the desired result.
The outcomes are evident from our clients’ unsolicited testimonials.
In one case: "Simple words cannot describe how Mr. Morley's experience and thorough knowledge in the subject of international law helped me get back my children to the U.S.A.  Now I am a very happy father enjoying every moment with my kids.  Guess what?  Now my wife and I are in the path of complete reconciliation with kids around both of us!" 
In the other case: “Thank you for informing me. …You made it possible for me…You saved my children from suffering very promptly. We can have a wonderful Christmas which I have been asking God every minute.”
It must be stressed that these positive results do not mean that a return of abducted children from India can be accomplished in most cases. There were special circumstances in both cases that made our task very much easier.
As we have frequently argued, the best way to handle international abductions to India is to prevent them from occurring in the first place. When parents argue that a child’s proposed visit to India might lead to the child being wrongfully retained there, such concerns should be given great respect.