Thursday, October 30, 2008

An aside about gossip

My daughter at college is suddenly most impressed with the press that I have been receiving. Not that I'm referring to quotes in The Economist or the Times of London -- mention of which received a bored "Oh Great! What else is up?" -- but to the current issue of OK! Magazine, the place for "hot celebrity gossip and photos."
The quote has me very boringly saying that, "They need to decide who is going to have primary residential custody and the other parent will get significant visitation," as well as making some other fascinating (?) observations.

But my quote is right underneath a picture of Madonna with her son throwing a tantrum and on the next page is a great shot of Angelina Jolie. "That's so cool!" my daughter breathlessly announced.

And I'm positioned between Madonna and Angelina; Guy's there too but he'll be out of the way soon.