Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Child Abduction to Mexico Ends Happily

Our heartiest congratulations to our British client whose tiny baby was abducted by the Mexican father from Texas to Mexico. http://familylawinternational.blogspot.com/2007/07/mum-fights-for-abducted-babys-return.html

The mother and her family endured months of unbelievable worry, fueled further by the father’s death threats and outrageous claims as he was “on the run” in Mexico. The family mounted a campaign of civil and criminal cases, enlisted the support of governmental officials in three countries and remained focused throughout on the goal of doing whatever was needed to get the child out of the hands of a very dangerous person. In the end psychological manipulation seems to have done the trick.

Mexico is a very difficult place in which to track down a child and get results but this family has pulled it off. They are now home, safe and sound, in England.

A very happy Christmas to them all!